Our Fabrication Shop

Our Fabrication Shop

Millwright and Rigging Services:

  • Steel fabrication and erection
  • Machinery and equipment installation/modifications
  • Installation of industrial conveyor systems
  • Welding processes
  • Industrial rigging
  • Trucking and relocation services
  • Troubleshooting all aspects of business fabrication and manufacturing

Industries Served:

  • Power
  • Conveying
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Aero Space
  • Specialty Machinery Builders
  • Agriculture
  • Refrigeration
  • Amusement Parks
  • Processing Plants
  • Machine Shops

Fabrication Facility:

Parker Industrial, Inc. has a fully equipped 24,000 square foot metal manufacturing facility capable of running single unit prototypes to mass production lines.

This facility provides fabrication of all types of alloys, including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Parker also provides a wide range of engineering design services from idea to implementation, as well as, the fabrication of heavy industrial steel to the smallest of repair pieces.

Manufacturing Manager:

Glen Baron is the Fabrication Services Manufacturing Manager with over twenty years experience in this field.  His knowledge of managing a precision manufacturing facility, from estimating to production processes, has ensured a solvent metal manufacturing plant.

Fabrication Facility Service Capabilities:

  • Plate Shearing ¼” x 10’
  • CNC 200ac Plasma Cutting Underwater 10’ x 20’
  • CNC Flame Cutting 10’ x 20’ Carbon Steel to 8”
  • 150 Ton x 12’ Brake Press
  • 350 Ton x 12’ Brake Press
  • 8’ x ½” Plate Rolling
  • Up to 3 ½” Angle Rolls
  • Up to 5” Channel Rolls
  • Hydro Punch 1 ¼ in 1 ¼ Plate
  • Light Milling and Drilling
  • Doall Material Saw 20” x 20”
  • Precision Tig Welding
  • Mig Welding



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